Caritas Goth/Industrial Karaoke was first forged in 2009 by Seán "Dodger" Cannon, Heather Etherton, and Jan Fanning. Originating at the Red Room in Portland, Oregon, Caritas enjoyed nearly a year of generally successful events, and spun off a "Sci-Fi/Geek" Industrial/Electronica dance night called Reverse Polarity.

After some venue drama with the manager at the Red Room, Caritas temporarily moved to Portland's popular Goth destination The Fez (while Reverse Polarity moved to Portland fixture Dante's).

From December 2010 until September 2011, Caritas went on indefinite hiatus, doing a few one-off events at parties with Dodger and Arielle Hill presiding.

In March 2011, Dodger relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. The initial intent was to start Caritas back up with Dodger and the lovely Kayla Ell KJing. However, Kayla ended up moving to Sacramento permanently and thus the night was put on hold for a few more months until finally Patrick and Randy of the popular Cat Club in San Francisco granted a venue in conjunction witht he already popular Kor Karaoke.

Caritas now runs every Tuesday Night in the back room of the Cat Club, at 1190 Folsom Street, hosted by Dodger and Jack Hanley.

Many Karaoke nights boast of thousands or even tens of thousands of songs to choose from. Caritas does not. We have just over a mere 400. The difference is, however, in what we have. We focus on specifically Gothic and Industrial music, with a smattering of 80s New Romantic, 90s College Radio, a bit of Punk and Metal, and a general focus on the music you, as a Goth/Industrial fan would like.

With artists ranging from old-school Goth and Post-punk (Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy), to hard Industrial (KMFDM, Ministry), to oontzy EBM and Futurepop/Synthpop (Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, VNV Nation), collected together with a general grouping of "stuff goths like" (Depeche Mode, Garbage, Morrissey), and "goofy fun shit" (tracks from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's musical episode "Once More with Feeling", Doctor Horrible, The Pirates of Penzance, and even oddities such as Jon LaJoie, MC Chris, and Avenue Q to lighten the mood (after all, back-of-the-hand-to-forehead emo-ness may be Goth as Fuck, but laughter looks good in black lipstick, too) Caritas is all you need to have more fun on Tuesday than you can imagine!